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Alice Li

Alice Li TEDx Photo

Originally from Kentucky, Alice Li is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University. She is pursuing a major in neuroscience and a minor in music performance. In 2015, she was honored as a United States Presidential Scholar and as a Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship recipient. Outside of class, she enjoys cooking, playing piano, writing articles for the student newspaper, conducting research in a psychology lab, and participating in cross-cultural organizations. Her diverse interests stem from a desire to both create and exchange ideas with others, and she is passionate about exploring the intersection of academic disciplines and personal stories.

Alice’s Talk: Why Asian Americans are not the Model Minority

Confined within the boundaries of the model minority myth, Asian Americans are commonly perceived as a mass of indistinguishable overachievers who are all “smart” and “good at math.” However, these seemingly positive stereotypes can have a detrimental impact on not only Asian Americans, but also race relations in general. In this talk, Alice Li draws from research studies and her personal experiences to challenge the two-dimensional identity outlined by the model minority myth.