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Victoria Scott


Born and raised on an angus cattle farm outside of Lexington Kentucky, Victoria grew up outdoors, fostering a love of nature that led her work as a research assistant in the Abbot lab investigating gene flow in genetically modified carrots.  Additionally, Victoria works on campus as a research assistant in the Tong lab investigating visual perception and attention at the primary visual cortex level.  Victoria’s past summers have been spent working as a medical volunteer in Trujillo, Peru the summer after her freshman year and as a full time research assistant in the Abbot lab this past summer.  In her free time on campus, Victoria likes to squirrel watch and cheer on Vanderbilt as they beat her hometown favorite, the University of Kentucky, in every sport.  Victoria intends to pursue a career in medicine and fulfill her ultimate goal of becoming a psychiatrist in hopes to help young adults manage and eliminate mental health issues.

Victoria’s Talk: “Why Every Meal Matters”

How much time a day do you spend thinking about the food you eat? In the 21st century, our diet too often takes a backseat to our daily lives. Victoria Scott’s talk, “Why Every Meal Matters”, delves into food’s industrialization, cultural significance and power to strengthen social ties.  Do your meals mean as much as they should?