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Akaninyene Ruffin

Akaninyene Ruffin TEDx Photo

I am a sister. I am a believer. I am a nurturer.
I am a student. I am a visionary. I am a dreamer.
I am imperfections. I am confusion. I am striving.
I am a constellation of life moments. I am remnants of legacies
I am.

Akaninyene’s Talk: Storytelling: A Pathway to Freedom

Allowing yourself to be fully seen and fully known has always proven to be a daunting task. But in a world where the social divides between us seem to be constantly growing, storytelling provides the portal to the experiences of others. This vulnerability serves as a point of entry to encourage, empathy, action, and change. From personal narratives to nationwide movements storytelling serves as an important starting point for personal growth and the pursuit of restorative justice. Stepping out of silence into our own truths forces us to reckon with our realities in efforts to create something new–to create a revolution. I hope that urging people to cast off silence and stand in their own truth would help further our efforts for change.