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Harold Brown

About Harold

Harold Brown is a Dallas, Texas native who has made it his goal to leave a lasting legacy in the field of education. As a Higher Ed professional, Harold has worked in various capacities on college campuses that include but are not limited to Fraternity & Sorority Life, Career Development, Student Activities, and Diversity & Inclusion. Outside of a university setting, Harold has presented and published work around issues that focus on the experiences of marginalized students and professionals on a college campus. Harold holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Texas A&M University-Commerce and a Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration from Louisiana State University. Currently, Harold is pursuing his Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership at Tennessee State University. Upon completion, he plans to apply his knowledge and skills to advance Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The Duality of Resiliency

If nothing is guaranteed, we know that there will be obstacles throughout life that will innately stimulate our desire to be resilient. However, if we are not mindful, we miss an opportunity to explore and understand the dual nature of resiliency thereby leaving pieces of ourselves unresolved. In this talk, Harold will explore how he has navigated resilience from a different perspective in order to continually progress in a holistic way.